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Progress 6/09/2010

Hanaan got the 1x1 primitive hut finished, here it is in game!

Progress 6/08/2010

More progress. UI is in, roads are better supported. Work in progress main character model is in. Kent has been working on the town building and AI stuff.

Progress 6/01/2010

Wurmz finished the UI. Heres a shot of it in part way lookin pretty sweet!

Progress 5/26/2010

Katie finished the terrain, heres a shot of it along with the navmesh it generated and the buildable tiles it found. The navmesh code and the terrain both need a little love to make sure the buildable area is discovered right etc but its lookin pretty nice. (then the code got fixed!)

Progress 5/16/2010

The game now uses the navmesh information to find where it's ok to build. Also you can see the terrain with Katies new textures, and the third picture shows a shot of one of kents trolls throwing a rock at the player!

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