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Progress 5/9/2010

Started working on the code to generate a navmesh from the terrain which is also going to be used to tell where it's safe to build. To generate the navmesh it does a flood fill from a seed point on the terrain and only adds polygons which arent too steep (this navmesh was with a 30 degree tolerance)

Progress 5/8/2010

Used the new decal code and some other new stuff to make a lightning spell you can cast. Need better art for it, but it looks a lil better in game where its animated and theres sound effects.

Progress 5/7/2010

Decal code/script commands are checked in. Below is the decal code working using a decal Wurmz made up for selecting where to cast a spell!

Progress 5/4/2010

Tonight I worked on terrain decals. The screenshot below shows a spell radius indicator being rendered where the mouse cursor is. After this is done, this code will be also able to used for things like putting roads down where the town builds, or putting down a scorch mark where an explosion happened.

Progress 5/3/2010

I worked on the terrain shader some more. These are before and after shots. The terrain shader selects what texture to use based on height which looks bad on flat ground, so i added noise to the height value used for the texture sampler to give flat ground some variety. I also made the map fade to black at the edges to hide the fact that it's the edge of the model

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