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Progress 5/1/2010

The rpg got cancelled cause we weren't progressing fast enough on it, so we are instead making an act raiser remake. Here's some screenshots! These are just some shaders i've been playing around with for the game.

Progress 3/6/2010

Far too long since last update, here's some screenshots of Katie's bio beast, the title screen, the chat lobby for multiplayer minigames, some more work on the voidmap, screenshots from the temple area, and lastly a screenshot of the pirate dice game!

Progress 10/27/2009

I've been working on converting our game to use shaders for rendering instead of fixed function pipeline. In these screenshots i have a vertex shader animating the lava using sin over time. Also per pixel lighting is in. The first 2 pictures are with the new rendering, the second 2 by contrast are with the old rendering. Shaders ftw but of course shadows and environment mapping and specular lighting aren't in for shaders yet ):

Progress 10/24/2009

Katie's wagon is in and eric built the asteroid the temple enterance is going to go onto. Also we now have a state based animation system in that blends between states as it changes woo! We are well set up for animating things now.

Progress 9/20/2009

Kind of a large gap since last update but I was crunching at work for the past 2 months, lame! The animation system got upgraded though. here's a screenshot of the fortune teller utilizing animation blending (an idle + a hand wave animation) as well as holding a sword as an attachment.

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