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Progress 6/22/2009

We've been doing a lot of art building, coding and scripting and designing and most of it isn't visible yet. Here's the first section of the void map, where you start when you start a new game.

Progress 6/1/2009

The next area continues to evolve. You can see the orbs floating around in the void, and kent has some scripts worked out ready to go into the void map when it's ready for them.

Progress 5/31/2009

The beginnings of the next area - the character creation / intro "void" where you start the game.

MileStone 1

05/23/09 We are done with milestone 1! Yay! There are a few details left to work out on it, but we're going to save those for when we actually put this cave into the world.

Progress 5/21/2009

Chris modeled a bad ass looking end boss for the cave, and the cave has gone through it's decoration pass. We just need to animate the walking miners, replace the stationary miners with better animation and do a lighting pass and this baby is done enough to move on!

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