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Progress 5/18/2009

Biggest update yet! Milestone 1 is within our sights, check out the game with some great new art that's been goin in!

Progress 5/7/2009

The debug console is fleshed out more, the v1 of the level editor is working and Chris (not asdf) made a neat looking rubble model!

Progress 5/1/2009

Started adding the debug console, and nick balanced combat

Progress 4/27/2009

Some new art such as a new character, some support beams, new textures for the walls and floors, a minutecart. I also fixed a bug with shadows so was able to turn them on for everything in the cave which looks nicer

Progress 4/22/2009

My dad made some music, check it out!

Cave1.mp3 - He said it might not fit our theme but he was playin around and made this, it sounds kinda like ambient sound for horror and/or sci fi i think

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